Coronavirus (COVID-19)

WWA COVID-19 Webinars:

"Healthy and Safe Swimming At Public Aquatic Venues During The COVID-19 Pandemic" featuring Michele Hlavsa, RN, MPH, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dewey Case, Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC)

"What You Should Be Doing NOW With Marketing & Communications" featuring Winter Prosapio with The Atkins Group

"COVID-19: What You Need To Know" featuring Jill White, with Starfish Aquatics Institute, Lake White, with Starfish Aquatics Institute and Dr. Seth Collings Hawkins

"Insuring Your Waterpark During COVID-19" featuring Tim O'Donnell with the WWA Insurance Program administered by Haas & Wilkerson

All of the above webinars are now available to current WWA member facilities in the Webinar Archives to listen to and share with your team members.