National Water Safety Month


National Water Safety Month takes place annually each May, and is proclaimed as a joint effort of the World Waterpark Association, the American Red Cross, the National Recreation & Park Association and the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (formerly The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals/National Swimming Pool Foundation). These organizations represent businesses and other individuals and agencies involved in bringing safe, enjoyable aquatic activities to the American public, from home pools and spas, to waterparks and resorts, to public swimming and water recreation facilities. This designation has been made in recognition of the popularity of swimming and other water-related recreational activities in the United States, and the resulting need for ongoing public education on safer water practices, including swim lessons, the buddy system, parental supervision, following the posted rules, and always being “water aware.” 

To help WWA members take advantage of the positive opportunities presented by this community-service event, the World Waterpark Association offers the Be Water Aware PR Guide free of charge to current park member employees. Available via email, this guide provides tips on generating publicity surrounding National Water Safety Month, ways in which park members can communicate with the media and creative public relations suggestions members can use to promote their efforts.

PR Guide
  • Tips on communicating with the media
  • Hints on creative public relations
  • Steps on how to write a press release
  • Actual press releases members can send to the local media
  • Details on when to distribute a press release
  • Radio PSA scripts you can send to local radio stations
  • Suggestions on developing informational fliers
  • Water-safety tips flier you can distribute to local churches, synagogues, schools and community centers
  • Be Water Aware and National Water Safety Month logos to put on your park's website that directs members to safety information on and
  • Also, available for a small fee is the Be Water Aware Member Kit. Click here to learn more.
For tips, event ideas and free resources to use for your NWSM Events, visit


Each year, the World Waterpark Association, on behalf of its partners, coordinates Gubernatorial proclamations from all 50 states within the U.S. to proclaim May as National Water Safety Month. In 2019, 49 states issued a proclamation in support of National Water Safety Month and drowning prevention and water safety initiatives. Please click on the state of your choice to download the approved document.  The process for soliciting proclamations for NWSM begins in March. We will start posting 2020 proclamation in early April and regularly post new ones as they are approved. For more information on Gubernatorial proclamations, email Cathy Haggarty.