Webinar: Cybersecurity For Waterparks

Webinar: Cybersecurity For Waterparks
Webinar: Cybersecurity For Waterparks
Protecting Sensitive Data And Ensuring The Safety of Guests And Staff In A Technology-Driven Environment

With the increasing use of technology in waterparks, it's essential to ensure the safety of sensitive data and the security of guests and staff. This webinar will cover the key threats and vulnerabilities that waterparks face, including hacking, data breaches, and cyberattacks. Attendees will learn about best practices for protecting sensitive data and ensuring the safety of their guests and staff in a technology-driven environment. Topics covered will include network security, access control, incident response planning, and employee training. The webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity for waterparks, including practical tips and strategies for protecting against cyber threats. Register today to learn from this panel of waterpark IT professionals as they help you secure your technology infrastructure and protect your organization. While this webinar will be recorded, we encourage you to attend the live event so that you will have the opportunity to submit your questions to our speakers.

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Ken Handler, Global Management Amusement Professionals
Kelly Smiley, Wild Island Family Adventure Park
Cheryl Salazar, High Road Management Training


David Diehl, Wild Island Family Adventure Park
Justin Lemme, Hyland Hills Water World
Bob Palma, OC Waterpark

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