Fall Protection Course
Fall Protection Course
WWA University Online Course: Falls are no laughing matter. There are numerous fall hazards and potential fall hazards. The most common are cluttered work areas, wet floors, inattentiveness, floor and wall openings, holes, ramps, runways, protruding nails, loose boards and working at heights. OSHA requires protection for employees working at heights of four feet in general industry and six feet in construction. Employees must be protected from falling into dangerous equipment regardless of height.

-Identify the effects of free-fall and sudden arrest of free-fall on the body.
-Identify the requirements for Fall Protection Systems.
-Identify the requirements for equipment used in Work Positioning, Fall Restraint, and Fall Arrest systems.
-Identify the requirements for proper use of Work Positioning, Fall Protection, Fall Restraint, and Fall Arrest systems.
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