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Marketing and Communications

 Survey Says! What Drives Your Guests to Visit - Or Not  
 Increasing Profits With Dynamic Pricing  
 Collaborating With Sales & Marketing  
 Learn To Swim Accommodations: Autism Spectrum Swim Lessons  
 The Ins and Outs of Facebook Live: Is this Thing On?  
 Continuation of 50 Money Making Ideas & How To Market Them  
 Easy Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Your Website is Accessible  
 Show and Tell: How to Build, Launch and Review a Paid Ad Campaign on Facebook  
 Generating PR When You've Got a Whole Lot of Nothing  
 Create Social Media Content that Gets Your Brand Noticed  
 CDC's Aquatic Inspection Report Data-Best Practices for Communicating with the Media  
 First Things First: Navigating the Social Media Maze  
 Getting Started with Google Analytics  
 They're GRRRREAT! How Your Park Mascot Can Make a Difference  
 Significant Impact: Major Update to Google's Mobile Algorithm Occurred April 21, 2015  
 Mascot University: Creating an Icon  
 Social Media by Dummies  
 Social Media-Intro to Video  
 Building Your PR Toolbox for Your Public Sector Facility or Smaller Park  
 Building a Better Birthday Program  
 Make Your Waterpark Numero Uno to the Hispanic Market  
 The Domino Effect: Managing A crisis in the Social Media World  
 Digital Marketing on No Budget At All  
 Facebook Marketing for Waterparks  
 Come One, Come All! Mastering the 3 Ring Circus of Events, Promotions and Public Relations  
 How to Get a Facebook Fan and Keep Them  
 Maximizing Your Website's Potential  
 Making It Rain Sponsorship Dollars  
 New Media is Here to Stay - What are You Waiting For  
 Marketing Madness Roundtable  
 A Marketer's Survival Guide in the New Media World  

Management and Staff Development

 Customer Service vs. Customer Experience  
 Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards Program Overview  
 The Anatomy of a Bogus Waterslide Claim  
 Becoming Miyagi: Creating Great Employees & Leaders  
 Tips for Recruiting Today's Teenage Workforce  
 Moving On Up: From Seasonal Team Member to Full Time Staff  
 Public Speaking Tips for Waterpark Professionals  
 Taking Your Seasonal Supervisors to the Next Level  
 Motivating and Coaching Your Staff to Success  
 Preventing Fraud: The Other High Cost Employee Benefit  
 Sink Or Swim - Building Leadership Skills to Stay Afloat  
 Practical Training Tools for Lifeguards  
 Keeping Your Head Above Water in Your Hiring Practices  
 You're Hired! Tips To Getting That Dream Job  
 The Affordable Care Act: What it Means For Waterpark Operators  
 Strategies For Employee Retention  
 Real World Practical Technology Applications  
 The Myth of Mid-Season Burnout  
 Developing Your Middle Management  
 Mastering the Ebbs & Flows of a Weather Driven Business  
 No Boundaries: Overcoming the Most Difficult Resort Waterpark Challenges  
 In-Service: It's Not Just for Lifeguards Anymore  
 Creating a Leadership Legacy and Culture of Excellence  
 Public Sector Roundtable: How To Do More with Less and Improve Your Juggling Skills  
 A New Generation of Common Courtesy  
 How Effective Leaders Communicate  
 Face To Face with Your Employees on Facebook  
 Training Teens to Act Like Adults  
 Human Resources 101-Keeping Your Head Above Water  
 Building Successful Teams: The Accountability Factor  
 Using Performance Based In-Service Training  
 Turn Your Teenage Employees into Superstar Supervisors  
 Raising the Bar on Guest Relations  

Operations and Safety

 Collaborating With Sales & Marketing  
 Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards Program Overview  
 The Anatomy of a Bogus Waterslide Claim  
 Big Changes, Small Budgets  
 Driving Performance Improvement with Guest/Employee Feedback  
 Safety By Design  
 ADA Compliance for Waterparks  
 Your Skin Is In  
 Risk Management in the Age of the Millennial  
 CDC's Aquatic Inspection Report Data-Best Practices for Communicating with the Media  
 Learn to Look: How to Verify Zones, Scan and Remain Vigilant  
 New 2015 CPR Guidelines: Changes that Affect Water Safety Personnel  
 Why Lifeguards Fail  
 MAHC Compliance & Creating a Safety Plan  
 Echo Your Message: Integrating Your Marketing with Operations  
 Putting a Stop to Bullying in Your Park  
 How to Build a Recognition Program To Motivate and Retain Your Staff  
 Understanding and Preventing Lifeguard Failure  
 The Sherlock Holmes Approach to Safety  
 Use Safety Optics to Check Your Facility Signage for Next Season  
 Emergency Action Plan - Basic Formulation and Application in Today's Aquatic Environments  
 Emergencies Happen-Post Incident Response  
 Active Shooter Awareness  
 Motivating and Coaching Your Staff to Success  
 Practical Training Tools for Lifeguards  
 Caught in the Act: The Real Story of To Catch a Thief  
 Mastering the Ebbs & Flows of a Weather Driven Business  
 In-Service: It's Not Just for Lifeguards Anymore  
 Training Strategies for Proactive Lifeguard Performance  
 25 Ways to increase Your Park's Safety  
 Managing Guest Expectations of Safety & Service in Your Upscale Property  
 Pumps and Motors  
 4 on 1 the Aquatic Power Play  
 What Seinfeld Taught Me About Aquatic Risk Management, Lifeguard Vigilance and Emergency  
 Water Safety for Marketers: Promoting Water Safety in Your Park  
 Building a Preventative Law Program - On a Budget  
 What You Need to Know About the 2010 ADA  
 Prevention of Recreational Water Illness